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We have been in the decorative painting, custom faux finishes, venetian plasters, and custom murals business since 1989 and servicing customers with faux painted garage doors, window shutters, side gates, lantern rejuvenation and front doors since early 2000.

With the most talented artists and craftsmen in the Kansas City area. Painting Innovations can  dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home by transforming your standard garage doors, entry doors, shutters, side gates and cabinetry into works of art.

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality of fine art possible and we pride ourselves in creating custom faux painted garage doors that increase the curb appeal of your home and truly adds an impressive value to your property.


  • Increases the curb appeal and the value of your property.
  • Adds a dramatic finishing touch to your home.
  • The work is done in oils to ensure durability.
  • Our sealers protect against weather and outdoor related abuse.
  • Inhibitors protect against heat, cold, wind-borne sand and salt spray.
  • Our products with UV and corrosive inhibitors will not breakdown for years.
  • All our paints are EF (environmental friendly) and have lower VOC. 
  • The work is done by an artist. 
  • The work is done on your existing steel, aluminum, vinyl or wood garage door. 
  • It can be made to match your existing front door or particular wood species. 
  • All colors are created on site by the artist.
  • The transformation takes five to seven days.
  • Free annual courtesy call to assess any need for maintenance. 
  • Maintenance service plans available. 
  • Cost aprox. 85% less than replacing with real wood. 
  • Going green – save trees – save the planet.


Call us today at:  913.208.9890   Ask for Brad Shaw or David Butcher about Garage Door Faux, or to simply request a no-obligation estimate.


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