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Deck Refinishing – How To Do A Thorough And Professional Job

Has your pool deck become some unsightly mess which you always want to hide from your guests? It can happen over time but you’re lucky that you can do some deck refinishing to easily spruce up your worn-out deck. Here we have detailed how you can achieve great results with whatever you have.

  1. Find Appropriate Tools For deck Refinishing

For a perfect pool deck refinishing project, you will obviously need materials like paint, sealant, and primer. However, you also need some important tools to carry out the project as well. These include:

  • Broom
  • Pump Sprayer
  • Paint Rollers
  • Pressure Washer

Broom will be required for cleaning away any debris before your project gets underway. The pressure washer can be used for removing any stains and drying it out completely. Finally, you can dip the rollers into your chosen paint and distribute it evenly across the entire deck. Once it is dry, use pump sprayer for sealing it off using two-part epoxy.

  1. Apply Paint After Mixing It With Some Sand

Your pool deck must be safe to walk on whether it is dry or wet. Oftentimes, sealers and paints leave the deck surface slick and may cause you to slip and slide over it when it’s wet. So, when you are refinishing your deck, it is a great idea to add some slip-resistant materials for increased safety.

If you have a wooden deck to deal with, sand away any impurities after stripping it down. Mix some sand or other fine-textured material with the paint and apply it evenly on to the pool deck. As a result, you’ll be able to create a textured surface and can avoid slips.

  1. Acid Etching Is Advised For Concrete Decks

You can add some traction to your concrete deck with the help of acid etching. Visit a hardware store and get muriatic acid. Buy enough of it to complete your refinishing project. Dilute the acid in water by putting them together in a simple plastic bucket. Distribute it evenly across the deck surface with pump sprayer. Finally, neutralize the deck surface using baking soda and water mixture.

  1. Reduce The Need For Future Repairs

Your wood or concrete deck is an investment and you should do everything to protect it from any damage. With regular repairs and maintenance, its lifespan can be increased significantly. Just put in a little extra effort, and you’ll save both your money and time in the future. During concrete deck refinishing, or even in your regular routine, make sure that you repair any small cracks too. Sweep it regularly to avoid fungus, weeds, and algae growing between the concrete sections and the boards. Such plants can be quite damaging for the deck and can also cause accidental slippage too. So, it’s best to take care of them before any damage is caused.

These tips and ideas will help you do your deck refinishing project professionally and can yield great results. Make sure you apply them during your projects and do a thorough and professional job every time.