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Dos and Don’ts Of A Perfect House Painting Job


Whether you’re planning to paint your newly bought home or give your current home a complete makeover, the upshot must be what you like and are contented with. But, planning and executing a perfect house painting job is never a piece of cake and it might leave you confused and indecisive.


You need to take baby steps when planning to increase your home’s appeal and give it a whole new look. To start with, you ought to know more about colors – aesthetic combinations, trending shades, and sophisticated blends of hues. Apart from that, knowing some critical Dos and Don’ts of house painting can help you get the job done well the very first time you do it.


Dos of House Painting


Here are some Dos of painting your home like a Pro.

 Test the Paint First


House painting isn’t an easy, single-step task. It demands planning and you need to move forward gradually. You must always start the job by doing a patch test of your chosen shade. It will make things easier for you to decide whether your chosen color is a perfect fit for your room or not.


  1. Be Adventurous


It’s your space and you can be as creative with it as you want. Do not hesitate to give your room a chic look with bold and trendy colors. If you are afraid to try darker shades, try to neutralize it with soft pastels and blushes. Additionally, you can pair up the contrasting colors like Maroon and dark green, blue and orange, red and yellow, etc.


  1. Invest in Brushes too


If you have bought high-quality paints, you wouldn’t want to risk the final look by saving some bucks on brushes. That is why it’ll be better to use good-quality brushes and rollers to paint uniformly.


  1. Use Extension Poles


Forget the ladder and use the paint roller extension poles instead. They are available in different sizes and can be attached to the roller easily.


Don’ts of House Painting



Now that you know the Dos, here are a few Don’ts that you must consider when house painting.


  1. Don’t Skip the Pre-Painting Steps


Take time to clean and rinse the wall properly. If needed, scuff lightly with sandpaper and scrape off the peels. Once you’re done with all the pre-painting steps, you are ready for your painting venture! 


  1. Don’t Start From the Bottom

For a better and smoother finish, go all the way from top to bottom and not the other way around. It will help you avoid splashes or spatters of paint at the end. 


  1. Don’t Be Too Hasty With color Selection


Do not pick a color directly at first, or you will miss out on the elements that need your consideration such as the furniture and the fabrics of your room. So, plan your room’s entire décor first and then choose the colors accordingly.


  1. Don’t Rely Completely on Paint Chip 


If you do not want your selected paint to turn out differently, never rely entirely on the shades in the catalog. Keep in mind that the shades may vary. Also, the intensity of shades might depend upon the number of coats applied.


  1. Don’t Dilute the Whole Paint Can


It is advised to first get a rough estimate of how much paint would be needed to complete the house painting job at hand. Only dilute a portion of it and not the whole tin at once. The diluted paint deteriorates quicker, and you never want that to happen.


Now that you know the Dos and Don’ts of house painting, what are you waiting for? Put on your paint coveralls, grab a roller, and you're ready to go!