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7 Things You Should Know About Interior Painting

Looking forward to revamping your home’s look? You must be planning on a perfect interior painting job to give your home the desired facelift. Well, here are 7 things you must pay attention to while painting your home’s interior.

  1. Sheen Is Very Important

The sheen, often called as the finish, of your paint can have a significant impact on the interior walls. You can opt for egg shell, satin, or gloss finish. However, there are several things to be considered before you pick any of them. For high-traffic areas, satin or gloss can be better choices because they nicely hold up and you can clean them pretty easily too. However the imperfections will become more prominent on these finish types. On the other hand, matte finish will help a lot in hiding any imperfections.

  1. Embrace Color

Yes, learn to embrace color and don’t fear choosing the bold options. Always go with colors which add texture and depth to your rooms. Understand color psychology and use colors the way they fit best to your home’s interior. Calming colors are perfect for bedrooms.

  1. Try Samples Before Taking On The Full Job

You don’t need to make any guesses on how good a certain color would look on a wall. So, it is always advised that you should try samples first before you could get the entire gallon on to the wall. It will help you better judge what kind of feel your chosen color will create on a bigger area. It will also save you significant sums as you won’t be spending money on a wrong color shade.

  1. Do The Prep Work

Prep work should take most of your time when you are doing an interior painting job. You’ll have to tape off different areas to create sharp lines, repair any imperfections, move your furnishings and furniture, protect floors, and remove the doorknobs and switch plates, etc. Make sure you have enough time available for doing all the prep work required.

  1. Primer Is Important For Interior Painting

If you don’t go for primer & paint all-in-one mixture, you will have to apply primer to your interior walls. That’s particularly important when you are going for some drastic color changes. Primer doesn’t just help cover those stains and colors, it layers things up so that the actual paint coat adheres to the surface better and you get much better results.

  1. Rollers Can Save Time

You might need more equipment for rollers than for brushes, but they can help you achieve more in fairly less time. Make sure that you paint in overlapping “W” for achieving greater coverage and smoothing out any roller lines.

  1. Combine Gallons To Achieve Uniformity

That’s called boxing! It helps you make sure there are no inconsistencies in paint color. Just pour several gallons of paint into a bigger bucket and do some thorough stirring and you’ll be good to go.

These are some important tips and ideas for a perfect interior painting job. Make sure you go about it this way and get desired results every time.